Calcium and Weight Loss

Gradually some studies have been made with a purpose to clarify whether calcium has a slimming effect or not. It started with a study showing that women who received 1000 mg calcium a day with their diet weighted an average of 8 kg less than women who did not get this supplement. This got the […]

Gumball 3000

Gumball Go-bio Car

Follow Gobiofrance on Gumball 3000 and during the Monaco Grand prix.from 23 -26 May 2013.

Revolutionary news about brittle bones

brittle bones

Does decalcification of the bones happen from the outside or inside? Most have previously thought that it just was about to supply the outer bone extra calcium! Most calcium supplements on the market contain only calcium and vitamin D supplements. The latest findings in science have pointed out the importance of the trabecular part of the bone (the […]