Natural Vitamins

Natures alternative

Some vitamins are produced synthetically from petro-chemical coal tar -but at Goorganic we extract vitamins from natural foods. If you want to take a vitamin and mineral supplement, we provide a fine range of natural vitamins and organically bound minerals.


Why choose natural vitamins?
Firstly, because throughout evolution, the human body has adapted to the natural vitamins in its diet (unlike synthetic vitamins). Secondly because natural vitamins usually have a higher bioavailability than synthetic vitamins.

What is bioavailability?

Here, bioavailabilty describes the way that Vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body. Bioavilability varies from one vitamin to another but research indictates that natural Vitamin E has a 36% increase in bioavailability when compared to synthetic vitamin E – and infact, this percentage is believed to be nearer to 50%.

Natural vitamins
These are the vitamins that we get from our food. To maintain good health and ensure we get enough vitamins, the food we eat must be fresh and varied.

In nature, vitamins never occur in isolation but they are always found together with a number of other substances- this could be vitamins, vitamin-like substances or so-called secondary plant substances. This is why it is recommended to take vitamin supplements with a meal- where basic nutrients are found.

Some natural vitamins would be unstable and unsuitable if they appeared as tablets in exactly the same form as in food so these vitamins are stabilized by converting them into a salt.

Synthetic (recemic) vitamins
Synthetic vitamins have some similarities with natural vitamins but there are also differences. For example:

1) As mentionned above, synthetic vitamins often have a lower bioavailabily.

2) Synthetic vitamins are often found in crystalline form, whereas the vitamins in our foods are found in a complex of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

3) There is also concern that synthetic vitamins have some adverse effects on health. In this context, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K seem the most important to take in natural form because they stay in the body longer than the water-soluble synthetic form.

Nature Identical vitamins
Nature Identical vitamins are not necessarily derived from natural foods, but they have a molecular structure which is identical to that found in nature.

Nature Identical vitamins and synthetic vitamins can be chemically identical but with a different molecular structure. The spatial structure of a synthetic vitamin can be inverted in relation to the natural and nature identical. This small difference is in many cases significant enough to prevent the body from using the synthetic version.

An alternative to ordinary supplements are the new generation of organically bound supplements from GoOrganic