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OsForte Calcium – Grow strong bones 

About calcium

Chalk or calcium is the 5th most abundant element in nature. In our body calcium, however, the most abundant element. The vast majority of calcium in our body exists in our bone tissue, while a small portion has different but also very important functions in the rest of the body. Among other things calcium is important for nerve connection to the muscles and their ability to work, regulating the body’s hormonal balance and the absorption of vitamin B12 and other nutrients.

We usually need around 400 to 600 mg of calcium per day. This calcium we get from the diet, but for various reasons some will need more calcium than the amount they absorb from the diet. This is where calcium supplementation comes into play.

Calcium citrate – organically bound

Calcium is a mineral which our body is unable to utilize in the form of a pure element. Therefore calcium supplementation consists of either inorganic and/or organically bound calcium. An example of an inorganic calcium connection is calcium carbonate, which is calcium bound to a carbonic acid. An example of an organic calcium connection is calcium citrate – calcium bound to a citric acid.

Several scientific studies have shown that calcium citrate has a better bioavailability in the body. There is also evidence that calcium citrate may prevent bone loss in the femoral bone (radius) and the vertebrae.

In older people who often have impaired gastric acid production, calcium citrate has proven to be better absorbed than calcium carbonate.


In Denmark the name OSFORTE has been synonymous with high quality calcium supplement since 1995.

OSFORTE CALCIUM does not resemble an ordinary calcium tablet – at least not when you look at the declaration. This is because OSFORTE CALCIUM not only contains calcium – it contains all the relevant nutrients you need when calcium is built into the bone. OSFORTE CALCIUM goes beyond calcium and vitamin D.

The different ingredients in OSFORTE CALCIUM nurish both the soft and the hard bone tissue. It is the composition which is responsible for OSFORTE CALCIUM´s superior effect.

The minerals are organically bound and the vitamins are co-natural (vitadex). Some minerals are from mineral-rich herbs.

OSFORTE CALCIUM consist of five minerals, four vitamin and three herbs. The calcium used  is calcium citrate. A vital ingredient is also magnesium.

The herbs in OSFORTE CALCIUM are Horsetail, Red Grape Peel and Nettle.

Horsetail is a well known source of organic silica, also important for strong bones. Red grape peel is a lesser known source of organic boron, a mineral important for healthy bones. It is also a source of the polyphenol and antioxidant resveratrol which might be partly responsible for the so called french paradox. Nettle is a well known alkaline, herbal remedy for a multi purpose use.


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Osforte Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in OsForte Calcium
Calcium: The main ingredient is of course, calcium as calcium citrate.
Magnesium: This mineral is just as important as calcium. This is also citrate.
Vitamin D: Necessary for calcium uptake in the body – and a lot of other things
Vitamin B,C & K: Each involved in important functions with respect to bones and connective tissue
OsForte Calcium also contains important organically bound trace minerals such as silicon and boron.