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Product Description

All Power – Balance and wellness

Use beneficial herbs for our health is as old as mankind itself. In recent years, phytology — the science of plants — has experienced a renaissance. New research in medicine uses herbs to often confirm old knowledge about the herbs’ different applications.

B-vitamins are very important, and if Vitamin B6 is critically low in, you risk many health problems.

People who take contraceptives risk often suffer from a B6 deficiency, and since there is an intense synergy between B6 and magnesium, the deficiency symptoms of the these two nutrients will often be the same.

Furthermore many adult will benefit from taking extra vitamin D as their levels of this vitamin are too low.

All Power consists of 13 selected herbs, an optimum dose of the three major B vitamins: B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and magnesium, each contributing to adult women’s health.

The herbs in All Power are selected for their ability to benefit adult women’s health. These are: Turmeric, Spinach, Broccoli sprouts, Nettle, Red Grape peel, Centella, Parsley, Raspberries, Cocoa, Sea Buckthorn, Sarsaparilla, Melissa, and Ginseng.

About the important herbs in All Power

Sea Buckthorn has a beneficial astringent effect and contributes with fatty acids for the skin.
Turmeric is a very powerful anti inflammatory herb with antioxidant effects. The root has beneficial effects on the digestion, on the skin, on the blood, and circulation.
Cocoa flavonoids are what make dark chocolate so healthy. Cocoa benefits your mood and cardiovascular system. Cocoa also inhibits serious health problems in the skin and breast.
Panax Ginseng increases your body’s capacity to cope with all kinds of stress. It provides energy, but also has a calming effect when your body requires sleep.

All Power can be taken alone or with a multivitamin.

Contents: 120 tablets.


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