Our terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from Go Bio France. Conditions apply in cases
when no other written agreement between you as a buyer and Go Bio France.

The conditions are applicable to the sale and supply outside Franc e.

Privacy – Personal information

Your personal information will only be used purely administrative and not sold or disclosed to third
parties. You must provide your name, address, phone number and email address so that we can
process the order and get in touch with you if there are problems with the purchase.

The information is stored unencrypted with us for a maximum of 5 years accounting law regulative,
and then erased. As a registered user, you always have the opportunity for insight and you may
object to a registration under the rules of the Act. We do not use traffic log cookies. Your credit
card information can only be read by Nets and is secured via SSL encryption.

Go Bio France (Dan Levy) is responsible for data.

Second Cookies

Go Bio France web store uses cookies to manage the contents of the basket. A cookie is simply the
name of a file stored on your own PC. It is also possible to ask the system to save your address
information to the next visit. If you wish at a later date to delete this information, this can be done
via browser settings. In Internet Explorer e.g. via the Tools menu and Internet Options – Delete


When you deal with Go Bio France in our Internet business, you agree that the definitive
agreement to purchase the item you are ordering only occurs when an employee of the company
has processed your order. Go Bio France has the right to reject or modify an order if the item is
sold out or not available for other reasons.

All prices on the website include VAT.


At Go Bio France products can be paid with credit cards and in some cases by bank transfer.

Fees to Nets for payment with credit card are paid by Go Bio France.

The credit card amount is not drawn for the goods until the goods are sent from Go Bio France.

It is not possible to draw a larger amount than that authorized by the purchase.

Returned items can be credited on the account associated with the used credit card.


Delivery of goods from Go Bio Franc e is considered done when the customer received the goods.

Go Bio France will pay shipping costs if the product purchase price exceeds 80.00 EUR.

For purchases under 80.00 EUR calculated a fixed shipping price of 10.00 EUR.

Go Bio France sends goods with French post service.