Why Organic

About organically bound minerals

What do we mean by ”organically bound”?

With regards to minerals it means that the mineral is bound to an organic structure.

About minerals
Just as with vitamins we need minerals in order to maintain health. Minerals are found naturally in soil, where they decompose and are absorbed by plants helped by bacteria. Natural leaching and intensive farming may lead to deficiency of certain minerals in an area.

In the sea there are also minerals, thus sea plants and sea animals can be a source of minerals.


Some minerals we need in greater quantity. They are called macro minerals. Others, we only need in small quantities. They are called trace elements. Nevertheless, macro minerals aren´t more important than trace elements when it comes to our health.

The body uses minerals for many different purposes. Minerals are necessary for all the body’s metabolic processes, they are part of the blood and bone and is an essential component of enzymes and hormones to name a few. Our body is not able to handle pure elements very well. Therefore mineral supplements consists of so-called chelated minerals, ie. minerals which are bound to a carrier substance that helps to carry the mineral from the intestine into the bloodstream. It makes demands on the carrier substance, and in practice it appears that it does matter which carrier substance is used with a certain mineral.

There is evidence that organically bound substances generally are better to carry minerals into the body than inorganically bound minerals.

If organically bound minerals are so good, why aren´t we seeing them used in all dietary supplements?

This is because organically minerals are bulkier than inorganically. Therefore, it is often necessary to distribute the daily value on several tablets, which in turn affects the price. Organically minerals are therefore slightly more expensive than inorganically. The same issue applies to a lot of other stuff  where quality costs more than discount.

When the body easily utilizes the supplement, you will notice its effect much faster.

The effect of organically bound zinc

An instructive example of the organically bound minerals superiority in comparison with inorganic are seen in pigs. Pigs are biologically very similar to humans. Indeed, there´s so great a  tissue similarity between pigs and humans, that there´s talk about producing pigs only to use some of their cells and organs for human transplantation.

Pig farming also contains problems. It turns out that every third pig has some problem. One of these problems is a change in behavior. Pigs are sucking each other’s tails and biting them until they bleed. This leads to cuts and sores, bacterial infections and abscesses and is obviously painful for the pigs, which may lose the urge to eat. It is not natural for pigs to bite tails. It is a symptom of stress triggered by the fact that pigs do not live in ideal conditions. Optimum conditions for a pig is probably those conditions  that free-range pigs are given and also an optimum feed.

A Danish farmer did a study where he used organically bound zinc in the form of zinc gluconate, which was given to half of the pigs in one barn. Three weeks later he couldn´t  find a single tale bite among pigs that had received zinc gluconate in their feed. There were however found tale bite in four of the six lanes where the pigs had been fed with the mineral zinc oxide instead of -gluconate. Cases of pleuropneumonia and cough were also significantly lower in the pigs that had received zinc gluconate.

Today GoOrganic a/s are producing a wide range of high quality food supplements, and is continuously working to research and develop products within this philosophy.