Organic Rye Bread

5.25 €

Product Description

Enjoy the smell of home baking and the taste of warm bread from the oven. With Gobio4you it is easy, even when you are busy. All you have to do is add water, shake thoroughly, let the bread rise and bake in the oven — so you have a good bread ready to serve. No dish.

Gobi4you rye bread is a delicious breads based on sourdough and just with the right crispness. The bread is perfect for open sandwiches, and lunch box. The leaven adds a fine, mild sour taste that gives the bread its fine character. Add lukewarm water, stir the dough together and place to rise for about 40 min. Before you bake the bread. The bread is baked directly into the mold, and eliminating the dish wash. It wont get easier!
Enjoy the bread.